Wake up to a life you Love.™

Hi, I'm Cynthia.

Affectionately known as the R.I.S.E & W.I.N coach!

My calling is to teach women visionaries how to RELEASE INTERNAL STRUGGLES EFFECTIVELY and WALK IN NEWNESS.

I support by helping you to CLARIFY your life vision and making sure it has FULL expression in your life. My clients move from feeling powerless to moving POWERFULLY FORWARD to a life they've always imagined.

Inspirational Speaker

Inspirational Speaker



Established 2011

Established 2011


Your time is now.

Life does not stop happening when you decide wholeheartedly to pursue your dreams and make your vision a priority.

There is always something competing for your attention, time and energy.

Let me coach you and show you how to CREATE A LIFE YOU LOVE WAKING UP TO starting right where you are.

Stop feeling last in your life.

Stop feeling lost in your life.

Stop believing that life is hard or that you can't have what you truly desire.

Hundreds of women are now accomplishing their goals and realizing their dreams as a result of my R.I.S.E & W.I.N coaching.

Your Time Is Now

Transforming & Positively Impacting Lives.


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Cynthia S. Newell

Inspiring the masses one talk at a time.

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