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See what our happy customers have to say about us:

Ready to Move Forward!

“I met Cynthia at my church’s Spa & Empowerment event. After my RISE & WIN session with Cynthia, I had the tools needed to forgive my mom and open my heart to God healing the wounds of my past; she gave me tips on having what felt like a difficult conversation with my mom. As a result of our session I feel free, clear and ready to move forward.”


Intuitive Nature

“Sometimes you just need someone who will listen, someone who understands what you’re going through while you’re in pursuit of big goals and dreams. Cynthia has been my coach for nearly two years. As a result of working with her I experience work life balance; her intuitive nature makes sure you receive important downloads so that you are progressive.”

-Ashley G. Scott - Curly in College

Operates in Pure Love

“Cynthia symbolizes strength and operates in pure love. She adds to my life every time we connect, inspiring and encourages me to step out in faith and start my baking company. As a result of her light, I am sharing my baking gift more instead of hiding. Thanks Cynthia for teaching me how to show up bigger.”

-Pamela Bowser

Create a Soothing Environment

"I love what Poetess Cynthia Sherrell is doing and how she allows God to create a soothing environment for people to be honest and vulnerable with themselves through her vision and ministry! I encourage anyone who is struggling with their purpose and place in life, or anyone who is struggling with the lost of a loved one and need help refocusing and processing the pain to start their journey with this woman of God. A life of abundance awaits you!!! Thank you Cynthia for sharing your gift!"

-Dan Ban

A Great Service

"A great service to the community! Check it out, you won't be disappointed."

-Kevin G. Daniel

Listens & Digs Deep

"This Soul Sista is the truth! Listens and digs deep in order to bring you up and moving forward. Allows the spirit to manifest."

-QueenRe Dixon

Truly an Extraordinary Event

"I had the pleasure to have experienced a "Dare to Dream" workshop for the first time on last Saturday; and I must say it was truly an extraordinary event. I would encourage anyone who wants to propel their gifts, callings and or ministry to another level to please attend one of the "Dare to Dream" events; it will motivate you to move out of your complacency and get to moving and walking into your destiny!!!"

-Tamerah Sistrunk