Program Description:

Dreamers Delight virtual book club focuses on personal growth & strengthening the Spirit/Soul Self using the power of books.


A renewed mind. A deep spiritual journey that focuses on healing inner brokenness, empower and increase confidence, get the necessary tools to live a fortified life.


Freedom from emotional wounds & mental blocks give us the space and strength to release toxic beliefs and behaviors and increases our ability to make better decisions so that we can move forward toward a life we've always imagined.

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Dreamers Delight Virtual Book Club


  • 60 Minute Group Connection Call (Monthly)
  • Private Dreamers Delight Facebook Community
  • Access Pass to Meet the Author Events

$29 Monthly

What Community Members Are Saying

"It was definitely EVERYTHING! And much needed!! Thank u for the idea. You did a fantastic job!! I don't know how I'm gone follow that one lol."

"Thank you guys for encouragement! I really enjoyed every moment as always. We work a little better under pressure so I know you gonna bring the heat. I can't wait for our next meeting!"

"Hey ladies! Cynthia suggested a while back that we write ourselves a lover letter. This idea also came up again in this chapter. So that gave me an idea. Since we have some extra time before our meeting, let's write ourselves a love letter and share it at our upcoming meeting. Tell yourself what you love most about yourself and what about yourself brings you joy. You're worth it!"

"Avoid the temptation to doubt yourself when other people can't see or don't understand what you are saying or feeling"

What you believe for yourself is more valuable than what others believe for you. Trust yourself. Because anything else would be a disservice to only you...

Have a wonderful day ladies!"

"As I read today's message I was moved to tears. I've committed to staying present through recent transitions. My healing is completely different going through the process this way.

The blessings of pain...

At the core of my pain is answer, possibly the very answer I've been seeking.

All forms of pain come to teach us, what have you learned through your pain?"